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We're always trying to raise the bar of quality recording equipment for our foothills community musicians. For the gearheads out there, a second UREI/JBL 7110 limiter/compressor has been added. I owned 2 of these at Rocky Mountain Recorders and found them to be some of the most flexible and powerful compressors for everything from voice recording to super "mashed" room recordings for drums and guitar. 

In a major acquisitions of outboard gear and front end microphone preamps/equalizers, we recently took delivery of 2 highly prized AMEK Rupert Neve designed system 9098 Mic preamplifier/EQ modules. Southern View Sound now features several Neve designed systems including the Focusrite ISA two, the Rupert Neve designs Portico 4 channel preamp module and Warm audio's recreation of the legendary Neve 2 channel 1073 EQ.  Rocky Mountain Recorders owned 2 amazing AMEK Mozart 40 input mixing consoles in the 1990s and 2000s. These mixers were selected by "ear" in competition with Trident, DDA, and Solid State Logic modules. The input channels were all RN-15 modules designed for AMEK's Mozart mixers by the legendary Rupert Neve. We fell in love with their magnificent sound and ordered 2 of the awesome Mozart consoles. Mr. Neve continued on to design the mighty 9098 system as AMEK's world class recording console entry. Only a limited number of the 9098 desks were produced, but AMEK had the foresight to build the input modules into single rack mount units and allow the recording industry to have a taste of that "9098 sound".  These equalizers are the best sounding I have ever used. Southern View Sound and Music is proud and excited to welcome this sound to our studio for your recording projects.