Location Sound & Recording

Southern view sound and music is prepared to come to you or your chosen location to record your performance or event. We can provide up to 24 track high resolution digital recordings for later editing, overdubbing, mixing and mastering. We can capture live performances in any venue, or come to rehearsals and record under controlled conditions. Paul has remotely recorded the colorado children"s chorale, the colorado springs children"s chorale, full sized community orchestras and big bands in churches and concert halls.  If you can think of a place you need to record anything, call or contact us to talk about your needs.

Additionally, svs&m can provide public address systems for live events. From a single mic and speakers for an indoor or outdoor event with or without electricity available, to medium sized sound reinforcement for a band or club including speaker stacks and stage monitors. Email us to see if our capabilities meet your needs for sound amplification.