Housecalls for Home Studio & Home Entertainment Design

Ever wish someone with the expertise to get you going on a home studio or home entertainment system would come to your place and help you figure it out?  If you have, or intend to create a recording space in your home, paul can help you put together the design and gear you are dreaming about. I have had personal studios for electronic and acoustic recording since the term was coined. I can consult on your space and equipment requirements to make you a creative environment to comfortably and efficiently record by yourself, or with the help of an engineer, in your own private studio.

do you have questions on operating or equipping your home entertainment system? I can troubleshoot and help you get your system back on its feet, or suggest upgrades to home theater and sound systems to bring more enjoyment to your home entertainment. Remember how you struggled to set the timers and clock on your old vcr? Often things are simpler to operate than they appear and just need a little more understanding to get the desired performance.  Let"s see if i can help you better understand the features of your equipment and what they are meant to do so you can just enjoy them.