Musical Production

Once you have a musical idea or song ready to record, it is critical how that idea is properly executed. This is where production begins. What instruments or rhythms are best suited to support the song? Is it instrumentally simple or complex? Is the form and length optimal? Does the key of the piece best flatter the vocalist?  How can we get the best vocal performance?  Are the players skills appropriate or adequate for the style? Are there parts that should be doubled or harmonized?  Are the sounds of each element the best for the style?  What do we need to do to create that awesome kick drum sound to drive the beat"¦ or what is the best reverb for your vocal?

All these and many more questions are part of the puzzle to creating a great piece of music. We can discuss and apply the various options to your songs to bring you the best results possible. Production is crucial and requires discerning musical taste and a sense for the artist and style of the music.  Trust your musical instincts and collaborate with someone with your best interests at heart.  Use the most powerful production ideas and tools to bring out the best in your music.